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Painted Black

Breed: KWPN
Colour: Black
Height: 167 cms
Born: 1997
Studbooks: Oldenburg

Gribaldi Kostolany Enrico Caruso
Gondola II Elite Ibicus
Gloria VI
Litchy Keur Sport Ferro pref Ulft
Vrona Keur Sport Officier

Lightness, elegance and elasticity!

Painted Black is a son of chic black Trakehner stallion Gribaldi (see stallion page).

His mother is the Keur mare Litchy who competed at Z-class dressage. Lichty is a daughter of the Olympic dressage stallion Ferro. Grandmother Vrona was also successful in the dressage, and from this strain there are a number of Z & ZZ dressage horses.

Own performance Painted Black:
2000 Painted Black was 3-year during the 2nd final of the VSN-Troffee/dressuur.
2001 Painted Black was presented at the AES where he as the highest obtained status of "approved".
At the 2001 Stallion Competition 2001/2002 under rider Hans Peter Minderhoud is Painted Black & 3 x 3x started winning the nl in Weert, Zuidbroek and Goes. He thus became unofficially Stallion Competition winner.
2002 Painted Black selected to represent the Netherlands in the World Cup young horses in Verden
2003 Hans Peter Minderhout and Painted Black, Stallion Competition winner of the Class M in Zuidbroek.
2003 Painted Black again selected to represent the Netherlands in the World Cup young horses in Verden, and ridden by Anky , he was Reserve World Champion in the 6-year-old dressage horses just behind the amazing Poetin. ( see Quaterback damline)
2003 In the Stallion Competition 2003/2004 under Anky van Grunsven he wonall 4 victories in Hengelo, Weert, Zuidbroek and Goes. It was he again unofficially Stallion Competition winner.
2004 KWPN Approved!
Here the full list of the descendants research.
Comments from the KWPN selection committee on Painted Black foals:
Painted Black showed a uniform collection generously developed, riding type Yearlings with good rectangle model and look.
The head is very beautiful. The head-neck connection light. The neck has a length sufficient with good top line and is sufficiently well used. Occasionally, the neck-deep in the chest. The body is generously developed and is long enough in the back. The shoulder is generally well located and has a good length. The back and loins are well formed and well muscled. The croup has plenty of length and is well located. The leg has sufficient length and is built correctly. The step is clean, has ample space and great flexibility. The horse has a good space in its stride with excellent flexibility. The Yearlings walk uphill.

National and International performance Painted Black
05-03-05 Zwolle Prix St. Georges No.2 68.83%
06-03-05 Zwolle Kur to Music No.4 68.33%
03-04-05 Roosendaal Prix St. Georges No.1 73.38%
01-05-05 Kootwijk Prix St. Georges No.1 71.13%
NK Nijmegen 03-06-05 Prix St. Georges No.1 73.00%
NK Nijmegen 04-06-05 NATIONAL CHAMPION LIGHT TOUR No.1 77.20%
18-06-05 CHIO Rotterdam Prix St. Georges No.1 72.25%
19-06-05 CHIO Rotterdam No.2 Intermediate I 72.70%
14-07-05 Outdoor Gelderland Prix St. Georges No.1 74.40%
15-07-05 Outdoor Gelderland Kur to Music No.1 79.93%
24-08-05 CHIO Aachen Prix St. Georges No.1 72.75%
26-08-05 CHIO Aachen No.1 Intermediate I 71.45%
27-08-05 CHIO Aachen Kur to Music No.1 76.87%
Transition to the heavy tour
26-02-06 Roosendaal Grand Prix No.3 68.54%
18-03-06 Zwolle Stallion Show Grand Prix No.4 67.88%
19-03-06 Zwolle Stallion Show Kur to Music No.6 69.93%
17-04-06 Schaijk Grand Prix No.2 69.00%
12-05-06 Hansbeke Grand Prix No.1 71.83%
13-05-06 Hansbeke Grand Prix Special No.1 70.32%
25-05-06 N.K. Eindhoven Grand Prix No.3 70.83%
26-05-06 N.K. Eindhoven Grand prix Special No.3 70.16%
27-06-06 Outdoor Gelderland Grand Prix No.1 70.00%
07-07-06 Lingen Grand Prix No.6 68.79%
08-07-06 Lingen Grand Prix Special No.5 72.24%
06-10-06 Flying Grand Prix No.2 71.79%
07-10-06 Flying Kur to Music No.1 72.40%
21-10-06 Aarhus Grand Prix No.1 75.00%
22-10-06 Aarhus Grand Prix Special

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